Shrine Ridge Hike

The views from the top of the Shrine Ridge hike are nothing short of amazing. The trail is about 4 miles, out and back, with an elevation gain of just over 1000′. The trailhead can be accessed by car from the exit at the top of Vail Pass and is only 18 miles from the Vail International condos. Here’s a link to the directions on Google Maps. The starting elevation for hike is over 10,000′ and the it tops out at just over 11,000′, so take it easy if you are coming from sea level. The peak times to enjoy the hike are July – September. Check the weather before you go as summer storms can roll in and you don’t want to be exposed on the top of mountain ridge in a lightning storm. There is a parking lot at the trailhead and it fills up quickly on nice days in the summer.

Shrine Ridge in July of 2023