Covid19  changes  and updates at Vail International.

Vail International - front of building

We know that you don't book a trip to the mountains expecting to cancel. However, there are a lot of uncertainties with travel with Covid19.  Vail International has relaxed our policies so that you can cancel your booking up until 14 days prior to arrival with no penalty. We don't want to add more stress to your life.

Vail International offers free parking for one vehicle per reservation. When you bring your car, you can park it close and for free.


Per the rules below that went into effect on May 25th and are expected to last until approximately June 22nd, occupancy in 2BR/2BA condos is limited to 3 persons and occupancy in our 3BR condos is limited to 4 persons. Occupancy at the property will be limited to 50% of the units.


Our outdoor pool is opening on May 29th. The hot tub and steam rooms will be closed per Covid19 rules to maintain social distancing until the rules change from Eagle County.  

We will be updating our policies as the situation with Covid19 evolves, trying to make improvements to that everyone feels safe while staying at Vail International.

Disinfecting wipes at Vail International

At the property, we are doing the following;


In the units:

  All units are professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to each arrival.
  Soap is provided at each sink.
  Disinfecting wipes are provided in each unit.
Common areas
  Lobby, elevator call buttons and control panels, workout room and all other high contact surfaces are disinfected regulary.


Social distancing at check in

  We try and have all payments processed prior to arrival so that guests will receive a check in packet with the keys to their unit which minizes the time spent at the front desk.




Our daily housekeeping service service includes taking out the trash and changing the towels.  If you would prefer to not have the housekeepers come into your unit during your stay, you will have the option to swap out the towels in your unit with fresh ones that will be left at your door and to take out your own trash to the receptacle on each floor.


This information comes from Eagle County's Public Health Order, Phase 2,  updated 5/25/20.

Short Term Lodging operators are subject to the following restrictions:

i. Short Term Lodging may open at 50% occupancy capacity as further defined below. Prior to opening, lodging operators must develop a plan12 that complies with this Order and that limits Short Term Lodging occupancy for any given day.

ii. For all operators of multi-unit establishments such as hotels, motels, private residence or resort clubs, condo-tels, ownership associations, and other similar Short Term Lodging establishments:
A. Operators must restrict occupancy to no more than 50% of the total number of units in the establishment.
B. For the avoidance of doubt, this provision applies to any business, operator, association, club, or resort that organizes, rents, allocates, or otherwise administers the occupancy of such units as of the date of this order, regardless of how ownership of the unit is held, whether or not the unit is rented or is subject to membership, association, or other fees, or there is otherwise an exchange of money for the services of the operator.


iii. For all operators that administer single Short Term Lodging units:
A. Occupancy must be restricted to one person per bedroom, plus one additional person in the unit, or to the occupancy allowed by the local jurisdiction, if any, whichever is less.


iv. In addition to all other requirements applicable to Short Term Lodging, operators of facilities that have shared bathrooms or food preparation facilities, including but not limited to hostels, mountain huts, or similar facilities, must follow the applicable guidance of ECPHE13.


v. Short Term Lodging operators must inform guests about the restrictions in this Order, including by:
A. Providing all guests with information about the Five Commitments of Containment14.
B. Explaining the Special Provisions for Visitors in Section IV(D), above.