Steadman Clinic Lodging

Condo lodging for Vail Hospital patients and guests

* Vail International is virtuallyi next door to Vail Health and the Steadman Clinic.
* It is a a great option for patients who visit Vail to get surgery, family membersof surgery patients and those who who are on temporary work assignment at Vail Hospital.

Vail International is also a great location for people who are on a temporary work assignment at the Vail Hospital. 

Steadman Clinic and Vail Hospital Lodging Includes

  • Discounted Short and Long Term Rates (2 - 60 days)  
  • Elevator Access to all Condos
  • Walk in showers
  • Ground floor units
  • Recliners available in all units
  • Complimentary parking
  • Walk in Showers
  • Single level units

"Vail International is an excellent option for our candidates who are traveling to Vail for surgery. The proximity of the condos to the hospital is ideal and the Vail International staff is very friendly and helpful." 

                                                               - Joanna Grenawalt, Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation


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