Uphill Skiing At Vail

Vail Mountain Uphill

Vail Mountain Uphill Access Policy. Please follow the rules for uphill access on Vail Mountain. Call the uphill hotline at 970-754-1023 for current routes and rules. Click on this tile for the most current uphill information for Vail Mountain.
Uphill travel is permitted outside of operating hours.

Dawn Patrol Hoodie

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Other Uphilling Near Vail

Meadow Mountain is another great ski touring route that is close to Vail. You can park for free in the Forest Service parking lot which is just off of I-70. There are several routes that go to an old shack at the top and many times, you’ll find nice untracked powder on your way down through rollilng fields. Heading a bit farther west, Arrowhead is very popular with skinners, especially at sunrise and sunset. The two main routes up are Cresta and Little Brave. There are also several good routes on Beaver Creek Mountain. Call their uphill line at 970-754-5907. For more adventure, there are several good routes on Vail Pass including Uneva Peak as well as Mayflower Gulch which is just south of Copper Mountain. Chicago Ridge near Ski Cooper has good terrain too. If you’re new to the sport, go with someone who is experienced to show you the safest routes.

Stay at Vail International and Skin Up Vail Mountain

You can walk to the slopes from the Vail International condos and start your uphill adventures at sunrise.